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VIDEO of the Lesbian Pirates! BEAM Digital Spotlight, with integrated BSL and captioning.  

Meet Anne and Mary in this raucous film, including Q&A with writer / composer Natasha Sutton Williams.

Featuring Natasha alongside the irrepressible Alexandra James and Bea Webster.

Direction by Julie "Mack" McNamara


LESBIAN PIRATES! is a raucous new musical based on the untold true story of the ruthless, maverick and lesbian pirates Anne Bonny and Mary Read. These women met in the Caribbean in 1717 while cross-dressing as male pirates, fell in love, slaughtered swathes of men, stole treasure and escaped execution from the law.


Previously erased from history, this riotous, inspiring and incendiary female narrative uses original music and a cast of disabled performers to bring to life Anne and Mary’s sexy, violent and turbulent world.

Are you embarking on a journey into the aesthetics of access?

Are you looking to support the inclusion of creatives with different access requirements?

As part of this show's development we have been embarking on a journey of learning - we are most definitely not experts - but we are very happy to share our learnings in 1-2-1 conversations with artists who are looking to embark on similar work. Contact us using the button below to book a conversation.

Development to date supported by Arts Council England, Unlimited, Stage One, artsdepot, Unity Theatre Trust, the High Commission for Canada in the UK, and New Wolsey Theatre Testing Ground. A PlayWell Productions & Working Birthday co-production.


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