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A black ink illustration of Madonna. The background is pink, yellow and blue ribbons made of pills


Premiering in 2023!


Trapped in a disabled body, Brian wants to reinvent himself - just like Madonna. But when real-life survival with HIV clashes with the pop musical form, things change quicker than a Ray of Light...

For more than thirty years, Madonna has stayed on top, absorbing everything around her and endlessly replicating herself... like a retrovirus that won't go away. Brian's been living with HIV for eight years and counting, reliant on antiretroviral medications that seem to be compromising his brain. He's desperate to make something that will live forever. But before he can make his pitch to the Queen herself, he has to figure out what it really means to survive.


Directed by Deirdre McLaughlin (Big Bad, In the Beginning, The Secretaries), with digital design by Josh Anio Grigg (Faith Hope and Charity, Dirty Crusty). 


Originally developed at and supported by The Yard Theatre and artsdepot. Additional support from CPT and BAC. Funded by Arts Council England

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